Evija Vaščenko

Evija Vaščenko is an entrepreneur, trainer, supervisor (EMCC ESIA) and business coach both for individuals and teams (PCC ICF, EMCC EIA and ITCA at Senior Practitioner level), located in Latvia, but working globally. She is Global Team Coaching Institute Core Faculty for Practitioner Level program.

Since 2012 Evija works with David Clutterbuck and runs his partnership network CCMI as regional distributor and master trainer in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and delivers his team coaching, executive coaching and mentoring trainings.
Large part of her work is related to assessing and developing emotional intelligence together with Genos International, managing their partnership network in Central and Eastern Europe. She also runs her biotech startup VeritaCell in the skin regeneration field.

Whether corporate world, private practice, entrepreneurship, startups – she has been there in one of the roles. Evija is passionate learner and traveller, expert in balancing multiple roles and enjoys meeting and working with new people in various settings.

Aivita Roze

Trainer, organizational and employee development consultant, supervisor and coach.

Aivita helps organizations to improve harmonically as whole systems and helps managers and employees to acquire healthy understanding about themselves and their skills so that they would act more effectively at their work.

Aivita has more than 17 years of experience in employees’ professional support and consulting. Aivita has master’s degree in supervision and management. More than 9 years of experience in group, team and individual supervision and coaching. She has developed her supervision and coaching skills in Tallinn University, in professional program of German Communication and Supervision institute “Organizational development, intercultural supervision and coaching”.

Trains and consults on psychosocial, communication and intercultural issues. Works with clients on personal development, communication, conflict resolution, stress management, burnout prevention and time management. Aivita has private practice in supervision and psychological consultancy. Has completed her studies in Baltic center of Psychoorganic analysis.

Evija Apine

With over 25 years of work experience in consulting, administration, education, and project management, Evija has been developing and delivering interactive workshops and study courses focused on supervision, coaching, and organizational development.

She has extensive experience in conducting individual, group, and team supervision for top and middle-level managers, as well as specialists of companies and institutions. She has obtained supervisor education from the University of Tallinn and the German Institute of Supervision.

Additionally, Evija has been delivering workshops and trainings on burnout, stress management, and mindfulness practice for various organizations, including SEB banka, Wunder Latvia, and Circle K Latvia. As a consultant, she carries out diagnostics and helps organizations to solve problems and moderates strategic planning processes using globally recognized change management methods.