Open Mind Management is a business consulting company established in 2010 in Latvia and working globally.

Diagnostics, consulting, coaching, training – there are different approaches that can be used. We will offer those that can help you to reach the results and changes which are important for your personal and business development and sustainability.

Our focus is on the organization and the individual within it, as we believe that only a united approach makes an individual feel good and be satisfied with achievement and helps the organization to reach its goals.

We work with the best.

We are Clutterbuck Coaching and Mentoring International representatives in Eastern Europe and Genos International Emotional Intelligence products’ regional distributors in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our consultants, trainers and coaches are business practitioners with experience in international projects.

How we work


Before we give any advice, we want to understand clearly your situation and needs

Coaching / Supervision

Helping you reflect and create ‘your time and space’ to reach your goals and dreams (even if you are not clear about them yet) and feel good – both for teams/groups and individuals


We will share our knowledge and expertise with you, advising on best practices and possible solutions


We will train you on new skills and approaches, and will help to set up a process to implement this new knowledge

You choose. We will support you.

Our Experts

Evija is entrepreneur, mentor, coach, trainer, supervisor, and business consultant working with clients around the globe.
Evija Vaščenko
Aivita is supervisor, coach, trainer and organizational and employee development consultant.
Aivita Roze
Evija is supervisor and coach, and business trainer focusing on individual and organizational development.
Evija Apine

What We Deliver

Emotional intelligence development

Team coach training and supervision

Mentor training and supervision

Mentoring program development, program manager training and consulting

Leadership development

Management consulting

Individual coaching

Team coaching



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